Uniquely Cool Event Experiences

Blocks of Ice & Floral Blooms

Our world champion in-house ice sculptor enhances great event designs, creates immersive experiences, and delivers a cool new level of excitement to environments with unique creations designed to pique the passions of attendees and convey the enthusiasm at spectacular sporting events.

Our sculptor also specializes in live, hand-carved creations that provide witness to dramatic transformations, and are a delight for audiences of all ages. Fun and interactive, ice creations always make for a memorable event, and can leave sports fans awestruck with the artistry or seemingly gravity-defying transformation. His ice sculptures go well beyond traditional corporate logo designs, often enhancing the thrill of the event with beer mugs carved from solid ice, intricate branded ice luges and custom bars, or serving stations attendees will not soon forget -- even branded keg covers.

F1 Ice Sculpture
Floral Centerpiece

Ensuring Every Event Blooms Beautifully
RK Sports Hospitality’s integrated specialty event service company, Flair Floral, delivers the best of nature and trendsetting design décor to enhance the beauty of every event theme and venue. Our experts deliver style that is always in season with breathtaking results. From traditional to contemporary aesthetics our florists create truly distinctive event arrangements, centerpieces, table displays, and other appropriate accents. Our talented floral design team can help clients dream in color and harvest beauty from around the world, bringing forth the lushness and aromas of great gardens to beautify the sporting event experience for every guest.

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