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Tent Porch Bar & Interior

RK Sports Hospitality often works with its partner company Illusions Tents, Rentals & Event Design to produce VIP experiences for attendees and athletes, assembling accommodating and comfortable temporary venues that deliver an immersive event experience and create unique opportunities to socialize with athletes and colleagues, or for brands and companies to interact with their key audiences.

VIP Hospitality Tents & More
Temporary event structures not only help to provide a climate-controlled and immersive event experience while offering insurance against inclement weather at large sporting events, concerts, and enthusiast gatherings, but also help dramatically increase capacity, security, and privacy for other functions. We can provide customized, scalable tenting solutions for a variety of applications, including:

Lit Tent with Cocktail Table & Stools

From Flooring to Ceilings
Our teams can quickly address any initial site improvements and implement structures rapidly, installing flooring appropriate for temporary use or extended duration, dance floors, stages, lighting, swaging, gobos, and much more. We can also provide all the associated facility services that keep these structures operational and comfortable, including HVAC and electrical, and everything needed inside from tent top to table top essentials.

We can provide traditional and clear span tenting tops, and we've got swag to go around. If you're looking for a sheer look for ceiling projections, or a billowy fabric that can give an elegant ambiance, we've got it.

Flooring options vary depending on anticipated uses and event durations. We have military grade dura-floors that can withstand extreme weight loading, and port-a-floor that can be rolled-out quickly and conform to the ground beneath.  Biljax flooring features steel framing with adjustable leg heights, options for a variety of wooden tops, and is appropriate for staging, while lay-down flooring is ideal for longer-term applications on leveled undersurfaces.

Open Tent Porch Area

Flexible Temporary Event Structures
Our large and customizable structure tents are often configured with both enclosed and open walled spaces, providing greater opportunities for improved event viewing, lounge seating, bars, entertainment, entranceways, and other venue amenities.

Many clients find that configuring structure tents with porches or patio spaces allow for greater flexibility in use of their event tents. Their addition can provide opportunities to incorporate multiple distinctive décor elements; integrate additional signage and corporate branding; create more formal and casual seating areas; aid event operations or help cue attendees for meet and greets; and minimize HVAC costs, among other benefits.

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