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Restroom Trailer

We have a fleet of luxury mobile restroom trailers and showers, mobile power generators, and other equipment that can support culinary operations, hospitality services, and temporary facilities with unrivaled comfort.

Our luxury restroom trailers provide a rich environment that offers event attendees an appropriate and pleasing experience. They feature quartz counters, custom wall treatments, and vessel sinks, while incorporating manufacturing techniques and materials designed to maintain high hygiene standards.

Check out our fleet of mobile relief stations and mobile showers:

Restroom Trailer Sink

14’, 20’, 25’ & ADA Mobile Relief Stations
We have a fleet of mobile relief station configurations that help VIP event guests make a pit stop in style. Our 14’ trailers feature four stations and two sinks, and can be configured with two male and two female facilities. Our 20-foot trailers provide eight stations and four sinks, while our larger 25-foot trailer features ten stations and four sinks; both can be configured to provide five separate facilities with double sinks for men and women. Our rental fleet also includes multiple ADA-compliant, handicap-accessible restroom and shower trailers to serve guests with special needs. These facilities are ideal for a range of event, industrial, commercial or emergency response needs, as well as anywhere wheelchair accessibility is legally required or operationally desired. These vehicles offer guests a relaxing and pleasant portable sanitation environment, delivering a calm, peaceful respite. They feature:

  • Hands free, efficient flush toilets
  • LED Lights inside and out
  • Solid surface counter-tops
  • Long-lasting transit grade flooring
  • Quick set-up steps
  • Most odor-free waste tank configuration on the market
  • ADA Complaint Solutions
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Interior of Mobile Shower

28’ Mobile Shower Trailer
Our 28-foot shower trailer features eight private suites, each with a changing area, shower bay, and privacy lock.  Powered by tank-less water heaters, the trailer has configuration flexibility for optimized male/female utilization and features non-wood seamless walls, floor, and ceiling construction that optimizes cleanliness while minimizing mold and mildew.  The vehicle provides guest features, including

  • An On-Demand Water Heater:
    90% Efficiency Rated, Tank-less Heaters
  • Stainless Sinks: Fit into solid-surface counters
  • 100% Led Light Package: providing a bright, attractive environment while conserving energy
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20’ and 28’ Mobile Shower Trailer
Our 20’ shower trailer features 6 private suites individually accessed on both sides of the trailer, each with a deadbolt locked changing area containing benches, mirrors andclothing wall hooks.

Our 28’ shower trailer features 8 private suites each with a changing area, shower and private lock. Powered by tankless water heaters, the trailer has configuration flexibility for optimized male/female utilization to support varied field missions, and features a seamless non-wood wall, floor and ceiling construction that optimizes cleanliness while minimizing opportunities for mold and mildew.

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ADA Shower restroom combo

Our 19’ ADA Shower/Restroom Combo +1 Trailer combines a wheelchair accessible restroom and shower combo unit with one standard private unisex facility. It delivers a private and safe environment with abundant space for maneuverability and all the accessibility features individuals with special needs require, as well as AC/Heat, heated running water, advanced flushing toilets, and luxurious interiors and amenities.

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Interior of Mobile Laundry Trailer

28' Mobile Laundry Trailer
Our 28’ Mobile Laundry Trailer supports multi-day events and basecamp operations with on-site fluff and fold laundry services, utilizing nine separate onboard washers and dryers.  Supported by multiple tankless water heaters, the trailer’s equipment delivers advanced wash cycle and temperature control options, and numerous dry options, alongside a laundry sink and on-board drying racks to facilitate laundry services rapidly and professionally, virtually anywhere.

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Full Mobile Fleet

Spec Sheets

Our mobile fleet doesn't end at just restrooms and showers. We've got a whole fleet of vehicles ready to serve your next event. Click the buttons below to view the spec sheets of the rest of our vehicles.

Mobile Kitchens

40 Ft Kitchen Sea ContainerPAC Kitchen Container44' Stand-Alone Mobile Kitchen 53' Mobile Kitchen Trailer57' Mobile Kitchen

Mobile Power Generators

30kW Generator70kW Generator80kW Generator180kW Generator300kW Generator

Mobile Dishwashers

20 Ft Dishwashing Container32 Ft Dishwashing Trailer

Recreational Vehicle (RV)

RV Mobile Asset

Vacuum Truck

Stand-Alone Vacuum Truck
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